Northern New Jersey
Trauma Recovery Network


Who We Are…

 The Northern New Jersey Trauma Recovery Network (NNJ-TRN) is a local association of the National Trauma Recovery Network, which is sponsored by Trauma Recovery/EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs (TR/HAP), the humanitarian organization started in response to the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.

Our Mission is to develop a network of clinicians who are prepared to provide pro bono trauma treatment to help relieve suffering and foster psychological recovery from natural disasters and communal tragedies impacting Northern New Jersey. The therapists who volunteer with the NNJ-TRN have had specialized training and experience in providing early interventions after recent traumatic events.

 Download NNJ-TRN Brochure


Why We Volunteer…

Our goal is to help individuals and the community as a whole to recover from disasters and other traumatic incidents that impact Northern New Jersey. We provide trauma treatment after first responders have provided for basic needs.

We are available to help in the aftermath of natural disasters, community violence, terrorism, and other communal tragedies.

For information about typical trauma reactions, go to Common Responses to Trauma. For information about ways to cope, go to Helpful Coping Strategies.

What We Do…

We offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a well-researched treatment for trauma. Our highly skilled team of EMDR specialists will provide services at no charge for up to three 90 minute sessions to residents and first responders in Northern New Jersey who are experiencing the after effects of traumatic incidents.

For additional information on EMDR, you can go to the page What is EMDR? on the TR/HAP website.

Please Join Us…

The NNJ-TRN is currently seeking licensed mental health clinicians with EMDR Therapy training and experience to join our volunteer team. Help us support Northern New Jersey communities by providing short-term pro bono EMDR Therapy after a natural or man-made disaster. We offer training, consultation, and support to our volunteers.

Please Join Us!! Let us know you want to help by filling out the Volunteer Sign-Up form.